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Can one die from the stings of yellowjackets?
Yellow jackets can kill people by the numbers of stings Symptoms associated with yellow jacket stings include headache,
vomiting, diarrhea. People who are sensitive may have an allergic reaction. It takes about 1,500 stings to kill
an adult. The Yellowjacket sting can cause death through respiratory congestion. Whatever happens never try to
swat yellow jackets or allow your children to play near a suspected colony.

Where do yellowjackets live?
The Yellowjackets build their nests in holes in the ground. Workers are found near buildings and outdoor eating
areas gathering food. Don’t ever try to remove yelowjackets for yourself it is a professionals job.
Call A‐Safecare Pest Control Service we are Tamp Bay Pest Control, the premier provider Yellowjacket control.

Reproductive Capacity:
A single yellow jacket queen starts a colony. She builds the initial nest and rapidly lays many eggs. Up to 100,000
cells may be contained in a nest . The average number of workers could from 75 to 5,000.

What do yellow jackets look like?.
Yellow Jackets as the name suggest are yellow however they have black and white markings making alternating
stripes around their abdomen. Their nest is enclosed by a paper envelope with combs containing cells similar to bee
cells. Some colonies have nests 6 to 9 feet tall with over 100,000 cells.