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Green organic Healthcare

Our Healthcare industry service package is geared to help our customers achieve quality in client care and meet the reporting requirements of monitoring agencies We are therefore committed to meeting the high standards of your industry.


1. Assessment: No treatment is done without a complete customized assessment of your facilities. Our technicians do assessments in order to identify all the critical points such as harborages, entry points and nesting sites at which insect and non insect pest can be controlled. Treatment decision, materials or methods are therefore based on information gathered and the pests which are identified.


2. Pest Identification: Control efforts are a waste of time without proper pest identification. This holds true because it takes different materials and strategies to control different pests. Our technicians are therefore trained to identify each type of pest which they may encounter in your facility.


3. Monitoring: In order to ascertain the effectiveness of pest control activities we do scheduled inspections. We use monitoring traps to track pest locations and populations. This allows us to change treatment strategies to maintain their effectiveness.


4. Customized Treatment Plan: Our technician also prepare a customized treatment plan which is specific to your facility. Typically most plans will include exclusion, treatment of wall voids baiting, trapping and perimeter treatments etc. These are however customized and emphasis placed on the critical areas as identified in your needs analysis.


5. Sanitation: Sanitation is an important part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). It limits the food supply and harborages of pests. Our technicians are trained to identify sanitation issues which need to be addressed and will make the necessary recommendations to correct these issues.


6. Habitat Modification: The habitat is the chosen living places of pests. When these areas are modified or changed it makes the pests more vulnerable to control measures. Our technicians identify these habitats in your facilities and give you recommendations on how these can be modified. We use light etc to modify the living places of pests so that they can be controlled.


7. Record Keeping and Reporting: We prepare written report to meet the QA/QC requirement of your facilities. Just tell us what you want and we will provide it. Even if you do not require it we still provide a detail report of the materials used and the amounts. These meet the reporting requirements of Federal and State regulations and are kept for up to three years.



Healthcare Service Provisions:


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program:

This is the industries premier green organic approach which uses insect identification, Prevention Monitoring, Habitat Modification to control pests. When necessary we use federally approved organic materials in your facilities. We meet salutatory documentation requirements and will customize our reports to make them consistent with your reporting requirements.