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School Services | A-Safe Care Pest Control Service

School Services

Green Organic Schools and Daycare Facility Treatment

In our pest control treatment for school and daycare facilities, we consider possible vulnerabilities allergies and sensitivities of clients or students and give written pre-report of what materials will be used. We also provide service report for auditing purposes. Our method involves an inspection treatment combination. No treatment is given before we do an inspection. This allows our technician to make an informed treatment decision which uses the right materials to control the identified or most likely pest problem. All treatment plans are therefore customized to meet your specific needs. We use nine proven steps that guarantee effective pest control in your facilities.

1. Complete Inspection: We do a complete inspection of your property, both inside and outside. In doing so we are able to identify all the critical points at which insect and non insect pest can be controlled. We look for all harborages, entry points and nesting sites to include even lumber piles.

2. Documentation and Reporting:  We discuss treatment requirements with management and write the treatment plan. We consider possible allergies and sensitivities of clients and give written pre-report of what materials will be used. We provide service report for auditing purposes. These reports meet the reporting requirements of Federal and State regulations and are kept for up to three years.

3. Exclusion: Having identified potential and active entry points we proceed to provide a caulking service or give written recommendations for caulking services where applicable.  Exclusion services are also available for rats and squirrels etc. We make recommendations when major construction work is required to exclude rodents. Our technicians are however trained to undertake most pest exclusion work. This requires special approval.

4. Child and Pet Proof Baiting: Even though our materials are green and organic we take additional steps by placing insect baits in areas which are out of the reach of children and pets. These baits are ideally suited for cock roach and ant control.

5. Treatment of Wall Voids: Empty spaces in walls are the ideal living place for German cockroach carpenter ants and many more pests.  We treat these areas by removing switch plates and coverings for electrical outlets. Our certified technicians use special equipment which is well suited to make these safe green applications.

6. Treatment of Entry Ways: It is not unusual that pest sometimes find themselves in our homes even though we are treating for pests. This is often because technician over look some entry ways. Our qualified technicians are trained to create a complete barrier around your homes by treating all entry ways including doors and windows.

7. Green Barrier: Our green barrier is intended to put a final in the pathways of pest to prevent them from gaining entry in to your homes. We either spray a ten foot green barrier around your home or sprinkle granular material which is equally effective. This green organic approach to pest control stops pests’ right in their tracks.

8. Crack and Crevice: Even when we have had the best sealing and caulking jobs done there are many tiny cracks and crevices all over our homes.  These are great harborages for crawling insects. Our technicians take the insect baits to them in these areas this kills insect pests in their hiding places.

9. Record Keeping and Reporting: We provide our customers with a detail report of the materials used and the amounts. These meet the reporting requirements of Federal and State regulations and are kept for up to three years.


School and Daycare Facility Treatments Include:

Termite Control

We are experts in the control of subterranean and drywood termites. The subterranean termites live in colonies that are hidden behind walls, wood beams, and wooden posts. Moisture is critical for the survival of subterranean termites so they will migrate to and from the soil daily to the food source which is usually our home. Large colonies could extend from your home to areas as large as 1/3 of a mile and as far as 78 yards. While foraging for wood they could travel over distances up to the size of a football field. The drywood termite live inside dry and sound wood hence any structure that is made of wood is ideal for a living place. There is no wood that is immune to termite attack.  The new colonies get started in our homes when reproductive adults enter through cracks or joints.

Bed Bug Control

These blood-sucking bed bugs feeds on human blood and are as persistent as German cockroaches. They attack when people are asleep and cause psychological trauma. Their bites causes itching and infection. The cost of a bed bug treatment is significant and the exercise can be a time consuming one. Our green organic service package has proven effectiveness in bed bug control. We have invested much resource into making bedbug control one of our specialties.

Tick Control

Tick control is a very comprehensive operation and requires much training and experience as is available within our company.Ticks have been known to carry Lyme disease. They feed on the blood of animals. The most troublesome ticks in Florida are the Brown dog tick and the American dog tick. The brown dog tick is not too fond of human blood and rarely do they bite humans. They however infest homes when they are brought in by dogs. The American dog tick attack humans. They get into the home by attaching to the clothes. The brown dog ticks can transmit Lime disease which was detected in at least 43 states in the USA.

Flea Control

Carpeted homes provide the ideal living conditions for the cat flea. This is especially true for carpet that has been laid directly on concrete. In order to complete their life cycle cat fleas live on the hair coat of the dogs and cats where they feed on blood before they lay their eggs that usually drop off before hatching.

Ant Control

Ants are very adaptable and can survive both outdoor and in door and even in moist areas. In colder states they successfully establish colonies in apartments. If these pesky contaminators choose to live in your apartment please give us a call we are the premier provider of crazy ant, carpenter ant and other types of ant control in Tampa Bay.

Rat and Mice Control

We provide exclusion service, trapping service and use child proof bating strategies in the control of rats and mice.Rat eats all human food including vegetable matter fruit, nuts, and grains. Food that is not eaten is contaminated by their urine and feces. They also damage materials by their gnawing and can cause fires and power outages.  Rats transmit diseases such as murine typhus, leptospirosis, listeriosis and other diseases. Rats will bite sleeping people and the tropical rat mite causes skin irritation.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are persistent and troublesome pests that invade any building including the home.  Cockroaches have been known to carry bacteria which cause food poisoning. These organisms include salmonella and shigella.  The viral hepatitis organism is also transmitted by the American Cockroach.

Wasps, Bees and Yellow Jacket

Never attempt to kill yellow jackets be wise and give us a call. Yellow jackets can kill people by the numbers of stings. Symptoms associated with yellow jacket stings include headache, vomiting, diarrhea. People who are sensitive may have an allergic reaction. It takes about 1,500 stings to kill an adult. The yellow jacket sting can cause death through respiratory congestion. Whatever happens, never try to swat yellow jackets or allow your children to play near a suspected colony.

Spider Web Sweeping

Spiders are often found in places where we least expect them. These include indoors and outdoors where the areas are partially protected. Their webbing can be seen in garages, crawl spaces attics and basements.  Chemical spider control requires careful inspection and the use of specially formulated products which are able to contact them in areas where they are more likely to be found. We have the technical knowledge and practical know how to practice spider control.

Centipede Control

Centipedes enjoy living in our closets and bathrooms. The sight of these pests can cause psychological trauma. In addition centipedes have a venom producing gland which produces poison capable of paralyzing insects on which they feed. The bites of the larger centipedes are capable of penetrating the human skin.

Silverfish Control

Silverfish feeds on any human food including cereals and seem to have a special likeness to starch. In addition they feed on wool, hair and other fibers as well as paper and book bindings. They are however able to survive for a long time without feeding. The silverfish also leaves yellow stains and dark colored feces on fibers which they touch.

Lawn Treatment

Lawns are frequently destroyed by chinch bugs. Damage from the chinch bug results in  a loss of your lawns. In the early stages, small yellowish to brownish irregular patches appears in the lawns. As the population of chinch bugs increases, larger patches are noticed. The chinch bug can cause a total loss of lawns. The months of March through October are times of significant lawn loss and treatment expense in South Florida. We also treat lawns for mole crickets fire ants and white grubs.

Shrubbery and Tree Treatment

Shrubbery is treated for sale insects, caterpillars white flies etc. White flies use their sucking piercing mouth parts to suck the sap from plants. This results in wilting, loss of leaves and death of the plants. Whenever white flies feed on plants they also produce honeydew a sweet stuff which provides a growing place for a black fungus (sooty mold) which covers plant leaves causing death. Honeydew is also a source of ant infestations in our homes. We have an expert Agriculturalist on staff who is not only able to identify your plants problems but is capable of answering most if not all of your questions.

Lawn Service

Our technicians know the fertilizer requirements for your plants and are able to identify and differentiate between a nutrient problem and disease and pest problems. We do not make that kind of technical mistake. After identifying your problems we make fertilizer applications using the right mixture, frequency and amounts. As a result you get healthy and green lawns and ornamental plants.