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About Us | A-Safe Care Pest Control Service

About Us

Mission Statement:


“Efficiency in caring for the human, natural and landscaped environment while improving the value of our services to those whom we serve…our valued clientele.”


A-Safecare Pest Control Service brings seventeen years of industry experience to the table where we provide our clientele with a full range of pest control services. These services include Termite Control, General Pest and Rodent Control and Lawn and Ornamental Plant Fertilizing and Treatments. The sectors which we service include

• Pest Control for Property Management

• Apartments and Multifamily Facilities

• Hotels and Restaurants

• Healthcare

• Residential – Single family

• Schools


In addition to the conventional pest control service package, we offer a Green and Organic option which supports the natural choice and is focused on preserving the human and natural environment. We have invested heavily in training in the Environmental Sciences and awareness and have extensive food industry experience. In addition, A- Safecare is a member of Bay Area Apartment Association, Florida Pest Management Association and the National Pest Management Association. Green Organic Pest Control Services is a division of A-Safecare Pest Control/ Tampa Bay Pest Control Service which gives their customers the option of having a green and organic friendly pest control service.


Green Organic Pest Control


GREEN ORGANIC pest control differs from traditional pest control in key areas as defined below.


Green Pest Control:


The philosophy and principle of Green Pest Control are both aimed at preserving ecological diversity and balance and reducing the effects of pest control activities on the human and natural environment. The principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) are the main essentials of Green Pest Control. In green pest control we emphasize:

• Proper identification of the pests and understanding their habits and biology

• Removal or modification of conditions that encourages pests

• Preventing the entry of Pests

• Initial and ongoing inspection to verify if pests are present

• Using non-chemical control measures and low hazard materials


Organic Pest Control:


We comply with organic standard by using controls such as:

• Traps and Light

• Approved lures and repellants

• Approved pesticides only if the other non-chemical steps are not sufficient

• Documentation and follow-up consistent with quality assurance plans and Federal requirements