A-Safecare Pest Control has been exterminating the pests around our home and property for more than 5 years. Upton is trustworthy, knowledgeable, punctual, and courteous. We are extremely confident that any pests around our property have been or will be exterminated promptly. Our family highly recommends A-Safecare Pest Control.

– Ty and Mary VanDeGrift


Upton, I have been thoroughly satisfied with the work that A-Safecare Pest Control has done for my company over the years. You and your team are experts in your field and are always very attentive to detail while on the job. You have proven to be reputable and reliable. It has been a pleasure to work with you and I highly recommend A Safe Pest Control for anyone needing these services.

– Ruth Doroslovac


I am extremely pleased with the services provided by A- Safecare Pest Control and Lawn Service. The company is dependable, friendly and honest. They pay attention to detail and show a willingness to listen to my needs and concerns. This is extremely important. He really knows his stuff.

– Brenda, Tampa


We received superb satisfaction using A-Safecare Pest Control Service. The company is reliable and thorough. I have used this company for the last 7 years. Completely pleased with their promptness, cleanliness and price.

– Cindy, Tampa


A-Safecare Pest Control Service has been providing pest control services for our corporate head office and our other locations for the about seven years now. They are highly professional in the discharge of their duties and the technicians are very knowledgeable about pest and how to control them. As a result of their service, we have not had any issues. One of the things I admire about them is they do inspection and monitor to ensure that we are free of pests. I have no reservation in recommending them.

– Kola Ishola, Vice President




We battled with Bed Bugs in our 45 room motel. We were frustrated because of this big problem. After hiring two companies with big names and big advertising, our problem still continued. My cousin told me about A-Safecare Pest Control Service, a company which would do a good job. I called A-Safecare, they came and the guy pulled out everything, inspected everywhere and killed all the bed bugs. Now we are happy, no more Bedbugs in our rooms and no more threats of lawsuits from guest. Thank you Mr. Upton for sending Mike . We will tell everyone about A-Safecare.

– Pikki’s Daycare


Upton, thank you for being such a caring pest control service provider. To us your company has become somewhat like a member of our family. You guys have kept us pest free for seven years and we are very thankful. By the way your new tech has fit right in the mix. He is well trained and professional. He takes his time and gets the job done right every time.

-Piki Karpouh
Piki Daycare



A-Safe Care Pest Control  uses safe and effective chemicals to keep my homes pest free. I have clients have multiple allergies and also respiratory ailments, that have not been compromised in all the years he has been keeping the Group Homes bug free. From taking care of  the occasional bee hives, (that he also first tries to re-locate, rather than destroy,) to treating termites; his consistency and reliability allows me to get on with other business, knowing that he will take care of all my pest control needs.

– Carol Josephs, RN



Tampa Park apartments have gone through many pest control companies and until we met A-Safecare Pest control we never knew how treatments, chemicals and odor control really work. A- Safecare has educated us and partnered with us to the wellbeing of our residents and has made a great change in how we eliminate and understand pests. I highly recommend A-Safecare Pest control Service. This company is a great team player in the partnership against pests.

– Yolanda Anthony



My name is Vanessa  A. My husband Rick and I relocated to Tampa Fl. about 10 years ago, leaving the hustle and bustle and vermin of city life behind (or so we thought). We believed that moving to a cleaner, quieter,  more manicured state would be beneficial to our well being as well as (I wouldn’t say roach free) but certainly less roaches than what we had experienced in the brownstone we shared in Brooklyn New York.


Our first stop was renting-to-own a home in Tampa. The roach population was much more than we had ever seen in the City. We tried ourselves to kill and control them using methods such as bombs, baits, sprays etc… But with no luck! We then called in a professional company,  whose name I will not mention. After treatment,  it seemed that our roach infestation had gotten worse much to my dismay. We then decided to try another company, and while the roach population did seem to die down,  after about a month it seemed as if a treatment never had been done and I was back to square one. We were living,  in what I considered,  unhealthy and very unsanitary conditions because of our roach infestation.


After having reached my wits end, thinking our roach infestation would never be resolved, a local restaurant that I frequented referred me to a Company by the name of A-Safe Care Pest Control Service. I took the card home and mentioned it to my husband, who then said  “Are you willing to throw more money down the drain?”. So we just did nothing for a couple of weeks except using our store bought roach sprays. When I started waking up in the middle of the night because roaches were in my bed, I convinced my husband that we had to try A-safe care pest control service. He agreed, and honestly I have to say,  it was the best money spent! Not only were the exterminators from A-safe care pest control personable and polite, they were able to identify the different breed of roaches and got them under control!!! I finally started to enjoy my roach-free home.


I have been a dedicated customer of A-safe care pest control service ever since then, and I’m totally satisfied and have referred them as a company and will continue to do so.