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Tick | A-Safe Care Pest Control Service

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Why are ticks important?
Ticks have been know to carry Lyme disease. The tick is a parasite that feed on the blood of animals. The most
troublesome ticks in Florida are the Brown dog tick and the American dog tick. The Brown dog tick are not too fond
of human blood and rarely do they bite humans. They however infest homes when they are brought in by dogs. The
American dog tick attack humans and dogs but will not infest homes . They get into the home by attaching to the
clothes. The Brown dog ticks can transmit Lyme Disease which was detected in at least 43 states in the USA

Where do ticks live?
Ticks lay their eggs in cracks on the roof of kennels, or on ceiling of buildings. In homes they lay their eggs on
curtains, furniture. They can also be found outside in the soil.

Reproductive Capacity:
The American Dog tick lays from 4,000 to 6,500 eggs before dying while the Brown dog tick lays 1000‐3000 eggs.
The eggs will hatch in 36‐57 days and 19‐60 days in each case respectively. The life cycle of the American dog tick
require 3 month to 3‐years. The Brown Dog tick can survive for up 200 days without a blood meal.

What do ticks look like?
The American Dog Tick can reach up to 1/3 in length and vary from Blushes to reddish‐brown in color, with eight