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The importance of silverfish
The silverfish feeds on any human food including cereals and seem to have a special likeness to starch. In addition
the silverfish feed on wool, hair and other fibers as well as paper and book bindings. They are however able to
survive for a long time without feeding. The silverfish also leaves yellow stains and dark colored feces on fibers
which they touch.

Where do silverfish live?
Silverfish gain entry in our homes from the foundations where cables or pipes enter. In addition, they may be
carried inside in boxes and paper products. They effectively survive inside buildings where conditions are moist and
warm such as basements ,attics and wall voids. The silverfish live and feed on fabrics such as wool.
Whenever these annoying silverfish choose to live in your homes and spoil your fabrics you should call A‐Safecare.

The adult female Silverfish lays up to 100 eggs in her lifetime and hides them in cracks and crevices. These eggs
hatch in 2‐8 weeks giving rise to young which look like adults. The young silverfish takes up to two years to reach
maturity after which they survive for several years.

What do silverfish look like?
About 13 types of silverfish live in the US. Full grown silverfish range in size from 1/4-3/4 inch in length. Their bodies
narrows toward the back giving rise to a slight wedge‐like or fish ‐like appearance The silverfish is silver in color,
have a long antennae and 3 long bristles at the end of the abdomen. Silverfish do not have wings. They are carried in
homes in boxes, books and paper. They are not attracted to light.