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What do scorpions look like?
If provoked or disturbed the Scorpion will sting and inject venom in to what it sees as an attacker. The scorpions
venom is a neurotoxin. The dosage is small and is therefore insufficient to prove to be fatal to the adult human. The
sting however causes soreness and the areas remain swollen for days. The sting of the black scorpion causes
pancreatitis due to its ability to over stimulate a reaction in the pancreas

Where do scorpions live?
Scorpions only invade homes occasionally as they normally live outdoors. Scorpions hide under boards, rubbish or
similar debris that provide shelter and protection. In homes, scorpions mostly infest under the crawl space or in the

Reproductive Capacity:
The male and female Scorpion share a period of courtship prior to mating . Scorpions young are born alive, they do
not lay eggs. After birth, their young climb on the backs of their mother and remain there until they make their first
change to become more like adults ( molt). The life cycle of scorpions are long and can take from 3‐5 years.

What do scorpions look like?
The Scorpion is a flat animal that looks like a crab. They have 10 legs and a fleshy tail which ends in an enlarged
section with a turned up tip. The stinger can be found on the tip of the tail. Their size varies from 1 to 4 inches .
Scorpions are most active during the night.