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Residential Services | A-Safe Care Pest Control Service

Residential Services

Our residential pest control service is essentially an inspection treatment combination. No treatment is given before we do an inspection. This allows our tech to make an informed treatment decision which uses the right materials to control the identified or most likely pest problem. All treatment plans are therefore customized to meet your specific needs.


1. Complete Inspection: We do a complete inspection of your property, both inside and outside. In doing so, we are able to identify all the critical points at which insect and non-insect pests can be controlled. We look for all harborages, entry points and nesting sites to include even lumber piles and trees which pests may use as a bridge to enter your homes.


2. Exclusion: Having identified potential and active entry points we proceed to provide a caulking service. This service applies to the entry points of utility cables and line. Exclusion services are also available for rats and squirrels etc. We also make recommendations when major construction work is required to exclude rodents. Our technicians are however trained to undertake most pest exclusion work.


3. Treatment of Wall Voids: Empty spaces in walls are the ideal living place for German cockroach carpenter ants and many more pests.  We treat these areas by removing switch plates and coverings for electrical outlets. Our certified technicians use special equipment which is well suited to make these safe green applications.


4. Nesting Sites: Nesting sites may be in your attic, garages, utility rooms, below sinks are even behind items which are hanging on your walls. These sites are checked and the nesting removed, modified or treated with a green approach. Where necessary we make recommendations for you the customer to do such modifications.


5. Child and Pet Proof Baiting: Even though our materials are green and organic we take additional steps by placing insect baits in areas which are out of the reach of children and pets. These baits are ideally suited for cockroach and ant control.


6. Treatment of All Entry Ways: It is not unusual that pests sometimes find themselves in our homes even though we are treating for pests. This is often because technicians over look some entry ways. Our qualified technicians are trained to create a complete barrier around your homes by treating all entry ways including doors and windows.


7. Screen Porches and Garages: Porches and garages are ideal living places for spiders. We treat these areas and provide you with the added service of sweeping the garages and porches to remove spider webs. We also sweep soffits and the entire perimeter walls.


8. Treatment of Utility Rooms: Some types of ants and cockroach just love hanging out in utility rooms. They also enjoy running around on hot water pipes.  These critical pest control points are targeted to solve your pest problems.


9. Attic Inspection or Treatment: Some people live in their homes for as much as 20 years without ever knowing what’s going on in heir attics. When you hire us as your service provider you automatically win for yourself an annual attic inspection. The service even gets better since for a limited time we are giving away free attic treatments.


10. Green Barrier: Our green barrier is intended to put a final in the pathways of pest to prevent them from c gaining entry in to your homes. We either spray a ten foot green barrier around your home or sprinkle granular material which is equally effective. This green organic approach to pest control stops the pests right in their tracks.


11. Crack and Crevice: Even when we have had the best sealing and caulking jobs done there are many tiny cracks and crevices all over our home.  These are great harborages for crawling insects. Our technicians take the insect baits to them in these areas this kills insect pests in their hiding places.


12. Tubes in the wall: Our techs are approved, fully trained and equipped to activate and service pre-existing tubes in the wall systems. This service comes at no additional cost.


13. Treatment of Shrubbery around Foundation: Our flower beds and shrubbery is often the source of ant invasion. Plant infesting bugs produces honeydew a sweet stuff which ants love to eat after which they come into our kitchen and bath in search of water. When we treat the shrubbery we prevent this ant problem.


14. Pool Area: Nobody likes to be sunbathing on the side of their pool only to be rudely attacked by a stinging fire ant. Fire ants like to travel along the edges of walls and corners and often find way along the drain which surrounds our pools. We treat these areas with green organic botanical materials which kills these fire ants.


15. Record Keeping and Reporting: We provide our customers with a detail report of the materials used and the amounts. These meet the reporting requirements of Federal and State regulations and are kept for up to three years.