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Paper Wasp

Why are paper wasps important?
Paper Wasp occasionally invade our homes where they annoy us. They build their nest in attics and other areas.
They inflict a painful sting which can result in allergic reaction to those who are sensitive. People who become
hyper sensitive to the venom from the wasp bite can develop a severe reaction resulting in death. The nest of the
Paper Wasp can be a source of carpet beetles in our homes.

Where do paper wasps live?
The Paper Wasp begins nest construction during the Springtime. These are made of paper and are seen in attics or
under eaves or in wall voids, in shrubs trees, in the ground or under lumber piles. During the winter the mated
females over winter in cracks and crevices or in buildings where they are protected.

Reproductive Capacity:
The solitary females Paper Wasp watch over the eggs laid by them. When the offspring reach adulthood they forage
for food and make the nest larger while the original adult females continue to lay eggs and play the role of the

What do Paper Wasps look like?
The Paper Wasp is black with various markings of yellow, orange, and a hint of greenish. Their length varies from
1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. They make a paper nest from wood. This nest is often seen hanging from eves, in voids or in