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Norway Rat

Economic or Health Significance
The Norway Rat eats vegetable matter including fruit, nuts, grains. Foods that are not eaten is contaminated by their
urine and feces . Norway Rats transmit diseases such as murine typhus ,leptospirosis, listeriosis and other diseases.
Rats will bite sleeping people and the tropical rat mite causes skin irritation.

When on the outside the Norway Rat will live in borrows under ground. Suitable locations include under
dumpsters ,beside river and ponds and lumber piles. When in our homes they live in crawlspaces, closets and wall
voids. If conditions are suitable, they will spend their entire lifetime in our homes without paying rent or
mortgage. They are great swimmers, exists comfortably where pipes are leaky and have been known to
gnaw through metal pipes to get water. Whenever these bacteria transmitting rats choose to live in your
restaurants you or homes should call A‐Safecare Pest Control Service we are Tamp Bay Pest Control, the premier
provider of Norway Rat control.

Reproductive Capacity
Norway Rats live up to 12 months and females produce up to 7 litters of 8‐12 young each time.

The adult Norway Rat weighs 3/4‐1 ¾ lbs and averages at 7 ½‐10 inches long. Their tail is up to 8 ½ 1nches long.
Their fur is brown with scattered black hair. Their underbelly may be yellowish white but it is most seen in gray. The
Norway Rat has a hairless brown tail, small closely placed ears and a muzzle that is blunt. Their eyes are small.