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German Cockroach

Reproductive Capacity:
The reproductive cycle for the German Cockroach is the highest of all common cockroaches. They lay there eggs in
the warm weather, 50 at a time. The eggs hatch in 28 days and reach full adult in 3 to 4 months. In warm conditions
eggs could hatch in as little as 14 days

What do German Cockroach look like?
The adult German Cockroaches are about 1/2 inch in length, brown in color with 2 darker strips that are along the
top of the back. German Cockroaches are capable of taking gliding flights but do not fliers in general.

Where do German Cockroaches live?
German cockroaches are usually found in large numbers in buildings, homes and especially where food
preparation is done. They can also be found in warm moist areas such as bathrooms. They leave the cracks and
crevices in which they hide whenever it is dark and quickly returns when lights are turned on.

Why are German Cockroaches important?
The German Cockroach has been known to carry bacteria such as streptococcus and coliform bacteria that are
associated with some form of allergies and asthma problems. They can also transmit bacteria that cause food
poising such as salmonella and the viral hepatitis organisms . The German Cockroach leaves an odor on surface
which they contact. This becomes noticeable in infestations. They also have been known to destroy or stain fabrics,
paper products and get into electrical appliances.