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What disease do the Housefly transmit?
The House Fly is capable spreading typhoid, cholera, dysentery and diarrhea. The germs which causes these diseases
can be transmitted by the House Fly from garbage, sewage and fecal matter to food or to a person’s hands or lips.
Restaurant owners are at risk of suffering economic losses as people avoid eating in fly infested restaurants, (dirty
dining. Flies leaves vomited food and feces on walls ,paintings and draperies and are a source of annoyance.

Where do house flies breed?
Feces ,decaying animal , plant material and indoor food preparation areas are great living areas for the House Fly.
Whenever these bacteria transmitting House Fly choose to live in your restaurants you should call A‐Safecare Pest
Control Service we are Tamp Bay Pest Control, the premier provider of House Fly control.

Reproductive Capacity:
Each egg laying adult House Fly lays clusters of 75‐1000 eggs in garbage and when conditions are suitable lays up to
1000 eggs. The eggs hatch in approximately 12 days giving rise to maggots. The time lapse between eggs and adult is
7‐45 days. Two generations are produced per month in the warm summer months. The adult housefly live for 30‐60
days and can fly up to 20 miles.

What do house flies look like?
The fully grown House Fly is about 1/4 inch in length and dark gray in color with four stripes on the top of the thorax.
The abdomen may be shades of yellow or gray. The housefly hold their wings in a slightly fold back position when
resting. The maggots from the housefly is cream colored.