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Drywood Termite | A-Safe Care Pest Control Service

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Drywood Termite

The importance of Drywood termites:
The damage done by Drywood termite can be extensive if not treated. Over 2,000,000 homes in the U.S. will require
treatment for termite infestation this year ā€Florida Department of Agriculture and consumer services.

Where do Drywood Termites live?
The Drywood termite live inside dry and sound wood hence any structure that is made of wood is ideal for a living
place. There is no wood that is immune to termite attack. The new colonies get started in our homes when
reproductive adults enter through cracks or joints.

A Drywood termite colony gets started by a single pair of winged reproductives and is comprised of a few thousand
termites. Multiple colonies may however exist in the same wooden structure.
What do drywood termites look like?
A mature Drywood termite is roughly 1/2 in length but gets larger when they reach the ability to reproduce. The
Drywood termite is brown in color and has wings as an adult. Dry wood termite galleries are clean and smooth and
appears as if they are finished with sand paper. No mud tunnels are formed as in the case of subterranean
termites. Drywood termites make kick holes through damaged wood from which pellets fall and accumulate.
Accumulated pellets and wings are signs of Drywood termite activities.