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Cat Flea | A-Safe Care Pest Control Service

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Cat Flea

Why are cat fleas important?
Cat fleas are parasites of human and animals alike, from which they get their blood meals. Cat fleas transmit disease
causing organisms such as the bubonic plague. The rat flea also transmit the bacterium Yersinia pestis which causes

Where do cat fleas live?
Carpeted homes provide the ideal living conditions for the cat flea. This is especially true for carpet that has been
laid directly on concrete. In order to complete their life cycle cat fleas live on the hair coat of the dogs and cats
where they feed on blood before they lay their eggs that usually drop off before hatching.

Reproductive Capacity:
A single female cat flea lays up to 450 eggs in her lifetime. the eggs are laid in batches of eighteen. They hatch in 1 to
6 days giving rise to whitish worm like larvae. Adult cat fleas live for 25 to 60 days
What do cat fleas look like?
The mature Cat Flea is about 0.08 of an inch long. Their bodies are small and black to red brown in color. They
are covered with spiny hairs which help them to move forward on our pets. Cat Fleas have long strong legs that help
them to jump long distance. They can jump as much as 15 inches horizontally .