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Caribbean Crazy Ant

What do crazy ants look like?
The worker of the crazy Ant is about1/10 inch long all sections of their bodies is dark brown to blackish. They have a
thin body on which long slender legs are attached. These crazy ant can be easily identified by their fast crazy movement.

Why are crazy ants important?
These ants contaminate food and are a cause great annoyance. They eat fruits ,proteins and other household
Where do crazy ants live?
Crazy Ants are very adaptable and can survive both outdoor and in door and even in moist areas. In colder state
they successfully establish colonies in apartments. If these pesty contaminators choose to live in your apartment
please call A‚ÄźSafecare Pest Control service, we are Tampa Bay Pest Control the premier provider of crazy ant control.
Reproductive Capacity:
A crazy ant colony may be comprised of a moderate population to a very large ones.