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Bed Bugs

What do Bed Bugs look like?
Adult Bed Bugs are brown wingless insects and are about 1/4 inch long. The young ones appear like the adult but are
colorless and are smaller. After a blood meal they are swollen and dark red. Whenever one sees blood spots on the
sheets bed bug infestation should be suspected.

Why are Bed Bugs important?
These blood sucking Bed Bugs feeds on human blood and are as persistent as German Cockroaches . They attack
when people are asleep and cause Psychological trauma. Their bites causes itching and infection. The cost of a
Bed Bug treatment is significant and the exercise can be a time consuming one. A‚ÄźSafecare Pest Control has
invested much resource into making bedbug control one of their specialty.

Reproductive Capacity:
The eggs of the Bed Bug hatches 6 days after they are laid and takes 38 to 48 days to reach maturity. 50 eggs are laid
at any given time and a total of 200 to 500 by each female. Adults can survive 6 to 7 months without eating.

Where do Bed Bugs live?
The Bed Bug live in cracks and crevices behind baseboards and pictures and also around the seam of the mattresses
and in clothes.